A Foodie’s Guide To Siem Reap

Every traveler loves to try different types of food wherever they go. As a tourist, finding the best food around would be your top priority because after a long tiring day, all you would need is some food with great taste which would refresh your mood. For foodies like you, here is a guide to Siem Reap.

1. Marum Restaurant

Marum restaurant is a great symbol of hospitality, it provides free training, education and employment to the needy people and street children. It has opened up in a traditional mansion and provides excellent quality food some Cambodian dishes are made with a western touch and the desserts here are exceptional.

2. Cuisine Wat Damnak

A restaurant that would provide you a mixture of French and Asian cuisine and also Khmer cuisine from the famous chef, Joannes Riviere. This restaurant is listed in Asia’s top 50 restaurants. You would have to make reservations in advance as it is a houseful restaurant. Wat Damnak offers different and interesting dishes every week.

3. The Sugarpalm Restaurant

Another Khmer cuisine specialist restaurant with a great environment and luscious food is the Sugarpalm restaurant. You can sit either inside to enjoy the warmness and coziness or outside to cherish the beautiful view. Famous dish of Siem Reap is fish amok and Sugarpalm restaurant provides you the best fish amok which just feels like as if you are having an egg custard.

4. Genevieve’s Restaurant

It is a foreign owned restaurant which serves amazing local food. Their signature dish is beef lok lak which is tried and loved by many tourists. Some other famous dishes of this restaurant are; Vegetarian Khmer, fish amok, fresh pepper friend squid, spring rolls and much more. This restaurant has been named after the late wife of the owner, Genevieve. You can also read about the story behind this restaurant and how it came into being.

5. Kroya at Shinta Mani

If you want to try out some fancy food then Kroya would be your way to go. You could enjoy the delicious and finger licking good Khmer and Western dishes with a deluxe and high-class dining.

6. Nest Angkor Restaurant Bar

Nest Angkor has a vast variety of food for you in their modish and up to date café. You can enjoy their traditional, local or western cuisines either inside or outside, wherever you like. Enjoy delicious lunch/dinner, healthy salads, refreshing cocktails and exceptionally good desserts with a really peaceful environment.

7. New Leaf Café

A cup of delectable coffee while reading your favorite book. Sounds amazing, right? Well, for that move towards the New Leaf Café where you can relax by reading any book of your choice and enjoy it along with the tasty iced Khmer coffee or any coffee you like.

8. Blue Pumpkin

Bask in the coziness of the Blue Pumpkin Café and try their fresh bakery products, coffee, ice cream and much more.

Siem Reap’s traditional Khmer food is served is almost every restaurant there. Stroll around the streets and try out new and different restaurants to satisfy your cravings.

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