6 Helpful Ho Chi Minh City Travel Tips

This helpful guide will make your visit to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) better and more exciting.

1. Why Visit Chi Minh City

HCMC also known as Saigon is located on the bank of Saigon River. It has remained one of the popular cities in the past for its association with wars and special missions, For example, the Chu Chi Tunnels are trippy and amazing. In Vietnam, it is the most populous city and one of the fastest growing cities. It has a lot of places, sites, locations and amazing things for the visitors. This can be a perfect city for anyone.

2. Weather of Chi Minh City

This city is an ideal destination for a trip for multiple reasons and one of the best reasons is the weather here. The weather in HCMC is stable and high throughout the year. However, there are unexpected but short duration rains between June and November. You can expect the same weather anytime you are visiting HCMC. So brace yourself for the amazing trip.

3. Transportation in Chi Minh City

Transportation is an important aspect of every trip. We have divided this into two sections.

First you will need to reach the city, in this case, Ho Chi Minh City. For that you will have to choose an international airline so that it doesn’t cause a trouble for you. Try to get discounts, if possible. Make sure you reach the city in morning so that you can save that day’s room expense by sleeping during flight.

Second is, getting a taxi, transport or anything to get around and visit different places. For that, you can keep a bike and it will be a cheaper option. The city is huge so the public transport as well as trains are common and they will help you get around and reach other destinations within hours. For example, if you visit Chu Chi Tunnels by renting bike, it would be way easier. However, if you are not good at navigating, you can opt for train to Chu Chi Tunnels and other places.

4. Accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City

Accommodation in the city is affordable if you do choose it carefully. The hotel where you will get the room should be clean as well as affordable. Book your rooms before leaving for the city. This way you will get some discounts otherwise finding a room or place to stay can be hectic and expensive too. There are cheaper as well as expensive residence options so you have to decide which option suits you better.

5. Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is a true depiction of modern development in all sectors. The city has all the best and famous clothing, electronic, fashion, cosmetics and other brands. You will find some amazing market there where you can buy everything. If you love shopping, this can be the perfect choice for you. Whatever you need during your trip will be available in all markets.

6. Eating in Ho Chi Minh City

We would recommend that you should try the local as well as special dishes at different hotels. Cooking your own food is a better and cheaper option. But you will not be able to make the most with this trip and enjoy the local dishes. Trying new and local dishes in any city is an amazing experience. So find some outstanding spots where you can get you favorite dishes.

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